Litigating And Negotiating Legal Matters Throughout Southern California

Whether the solution to your problems requires litigation or the protection of the bankruptcy court, at the Law Offices of Darvy Mack Cohan, individual and business clients receive professional representation and enjoy an unusual level of personal attention. They also benefit from the 30 years of experience Darvy Mack Cohan brings to the practice of law. His clients include individuals and businesses in need of Chapter 7 debt relief or Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 reorganization, as well as operating business entities, banks, credit card companies, trustees, beneficiaries, families and other individuals.

Focused Legal Practice

His legal practice focuses on a few areas, allowing him to offer clients thoroughly researched advice and counsel. He offers the expertise and experience of a large law firm, while at the same time providing the efficiency of a one-on-one relationship between the attorney and the client. He thereby avoids duplication of efforts and expenses that often occurs when several lawyers work on the same case. He offers legal representation in matters such as business law and commercial litigation, bankruptcy, real estate and probate.

In each of these areas, he is methodical, knowledgeable and innovative. This has made him successful on behalf of his clients in matters involving both debtor and creditor representation in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 reorganization, as well as in trust and business litigation.