Chapter 13 Attorney In La Jolla

If you are unable to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is likely that you will be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can assess your situation and help you file for Chapter 13.

Attorney Darvy Mack Cohan has years of experience representing the rights of individuals and families in bankruptcy and other legal matters. From his La Jolla office, Mr. Cohan meets with clients to determine their needs and how his firm’s services can best be tailored to suit those needs. He is a knowledgeable advocate, taking the time to explain all aspects of bankruptcy to his clients to help them make informed decisions about their cases.

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What Is Chapter 13?

Much like Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a way of protecting yourself while attempting to deal with accumulating debt. Chapter 13 is a debt repayment plan, however, allowing you to keep your home and other important secured assets while repaying your unsecured creditors a portion of the debts owed them. In exchange for having to pay some of your unsecured debts, you are allowed to keep assets that you might otherwise have to surrender in Chapter 7.

Helping You Avoid Or Stop Foreclosure

Under a Chapter 13 filing, it may be possible to avoid or stop foreclosure. Attorney Cohan can explain to you how Chapter 13 protects your assets and allows you to keep your home. Properly used, Chapter 13 can save a home from foreclosure, though it can never be guaranteed.

  • If you have fallen behind in your mortgage payments, Chapter 13 may be used to make up those missed payments within your Chapter 13 plan, allowing you some breathing room to keep the rest of your payments current and cure your arrears.
  • Chapter 13 also helps stop debt collection efforts by your creditors. After you file, an automatic stay goes into force, preventing creditors from contacting you. All collection activity must go through attorney Cohan, and most of your payments will be made under your Chapter 13 plan to the bankruptcy trustee. To further discuss how to stop creditor harassment, get in touch with attorney Cohan and schedule an appointment.

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